these chefs'        careers
in the culinary
         started here
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a chef must
   be more than just
       the best cook in
            the kitchen
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never more than
         16 students in
 well-equipped kitchen
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no other culinary
 school offers more
        chef instructors
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  our students shine
            in international
  culinary competitions
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  one of the
most affordable,
top-tier culinary schools
                        in the country
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The kitchen is calling...
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Cooking Enrollment is on-going for full-time and part-time Cuisine and full-time Pastry classes. Contact us now to receive a brochure and make an appointment for a class tour.

NOTE: We have Cuisine & Pastry classes starting year-round. Please call us now at 619.644.2100 to enroll while space is still available. Due to low student interest, we have temporarily put our evening classes on hold. We will continue to monitor student interest and we look forward to reintroducing the evening schedule soon. If you are interested in evening classes, please let us know by registering for information and selecting the option for evening classes.

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